Trouble Team . CZ


14.08. Urban Dance ◆ Dj Flux Show ◆ Dejavu Club ◆ Prague

19.08. Dancexxtravaganza Radioshow ◆ Evropa 2 ◆ 88,2fm &

22.08. Gazda Night ◆ City Lounge ◆ Č. Krumlov

24.09. Live Hip Hop Session ◆ Oliwer Love & Friends ft. Dj Flux ◆ Cross Club ◆ Prague

25.08. Trouble Night ◆ Flux & Bouler ◆ Roxy Club ◆ Prague

28.08. Urban Dance ◆ Dj Flux Show ◆ Dejavu Club ◆ Prague

29.08. Kontrafakt live ◆ DJs Aneš, Flux.. ◆ Sasazu Club ◆ Prague

30.08. Bharata Rajnošek Quartet -saxophones, trumpet, looper, Milan Potoček-Hammond organ, Michael Krásný-electric bass guitar, Dušan Černák-drums, DJ FLUX-scratching, programming ◆ Jazz Republic ◆ Prague

05.09. Marpo live ◆ Dj Flux ◆ Kotnov Club ◆ Prague

06.09. Live Jazz Session ◆ Adam Tvrdy (guitar), Zdeněk Tichota (bass) & Dj Flux ◆ Jazzrepublic Club ◆ Praha

12.09. Flux Show ◆ Komix Club ◆ Č. Budějice

13.09. Xzibit, B Real (USA,live) ◆ Support Dj Flux ◆ Sasazu Club ◆ Prague

19.09. Urban Dance ◆ DJs Flux, Tzesar.. ◆ Hany ◆ Pardubice

17.10. Scratch Show ◆ Igy Centrum ◆ České Budějovice

18.10. Sctatch Meeting ◆ Bratislava . SK

Czech/Slovak DMC champion and resident Dancexxtravaganza DJ on radio Evropa 2, has been doing his thing for 15 years. Apart from playing clubs all over Europe, Flux has also completed a six month tour of clubs in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

In 2013, combining forces with DJ Friky to create 'Trouble Team', the two DJs took third place at the DMC Team world finals in London. Flux has also worked alongside producers and musicians such as Adam Tvrdý, Jiří Stivín and Oliver Lowe to name a few.

Separating the good from the bad, his music selection knows no bounds, ranging from Jazz and Black Music to Drum&Bass, Trap and House . Playing locally at Top Czech clubs and more…

To summarize, Flux is a multi-talented, multi-genre DJ who has no problem applying his styles to create an unforgettable club night, no matter what.

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